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Nichols, Julie
Jul. 23, 1956 - Mar. 24, 2015

Seager, Charles
Oct. 6, 1927 - Mar. 21, 2015

Butler, Dale
Aug. 10, 1927 - Mar. 20, 2015

Stuart, William Ernest "Ernie" III
Apr. 16, 1936 - Mar. 17, 2015

Andersen, Calvin Leland
Jul. 5, 1925 - Mar. 17, 2015

Andrew, James Vernon
Dec. 17, 1930 - Mar. 14, 2015

Calton, June
Jun. 15, 1924 - Mar. 6, 2015

Gallegos, Alfonso
Jul. 7, 1939 - Mar. 5, 2015

Dunn, Roddy Jeff
Jul. 3, 1954 - Mar. 3, 2015

Mooso, Judy Alene
Apr. 17, 1944 - Feb. 28, 2015


Julie Nichols
Jul. 23, 1956 - Mar. 24, 2015
Date of Funeral: Mar. 30, 2015

Julie Nichols was born July 23rd, 1956 in, California. She died March 24, 2015 of natural causes. She was the fourth child out of 7 kids to be born. Her parents were Louis & Mary Mohlenbrink of Filer, Idaho.
Julie grew up in Filer, Idaho. She loved to help people. She had two children with Michael Yehle. After their divorced she raised the two kids by the help of her Mom, and being a certified nurses aid. Later at 33 years old, she met her new love, John Nichols of Rupert, Idaho. The two of them raised Shannon, Justen, Larry and Jake. She became a stay at home Mom, who worked in her garden, cooked for her family, and made tacos for her son, Judd. Oh yeah, she made pancakes and bacon everyday for her husband!! Her free time was spent socializing at grocery stores, rivers, pharmacies, gas stations, etc. She met friends wherever she traveled.
Julie was always a talker. She would talk to strangers, cry to neighbors, laugh & tell stories to everyone who came in contact with her. Not to mention, she could not hold a secret. Like her brother David said, ‘Tell a friend, tell a story, tell a Julie.”Mom was not only a talker, but she was the craziest, and funniest person. She could easily make you laugh and cry. She was a lot like her mother who lived only for today, not a worry for tomorrow, She loved life, she loved to fish, she loved to sit and drink, and think by the river. She struggled with her own battles, both physically and internally, but it was her Mother, husband, kids, sisters and brothers that kept her alive, not to mention, friends she met along the way. The last two years she continuously expressed her love. She deeply loved her grandchildren and showed it buying them candy! (Lucky dentist)
She followed her mother’s death by three weeks; the two were each other’s crutches, one could not go without the other, now they will be buried as one!! We will miss you MOM. We would not trade you for anything!!!! Julie Nichols (Mohlenbrink) is survived by her 4 kids, Shannon & Bo Fox (Yehle) of Rupert, Jud & Jen Yehle of Boise, Larry Nichols of Mountain Home, Jacob & Melissa Nichols of Montana, her sister Carol & Gary Olshefski of California, sister, Alice & Larry Charlesworth of Rupert, brother David & Babs Mohlenbrink of Rupert, sister Lisa Rynestad (Mohlenbrink) of Rupert, and brother Mark & Brandi Mohlenbrink of Filer Idaho. Also surviving is 9 grandchildren, nieces and nephews. She is preceded in death by her parents, Louis and Mary Mohlenbrink, and sister, Patricia Costa.
Funeral services will be held 11:00 a.m. Monday, March 30, 2015 at the Peace Lutheran Church 600 Stevens St. Filer, ID. Viewing for family and friends will be held from 4-6:00 p.m. Sunday, March 29, 2015 at Hansen mortuary. Services will conclude with burial in the Filer Cemetery under the direction of Joel Heward Hansen Mortuary.